Services Offered

Convenient Vending:
Corporates and Business Office Premises

At NatVend, we understand the value of time. With our customised machines, you save time and money in your office or factory. If you have hungry staff looking off-site for their favourite snacks, food or drinks, you are losing time and money. Supplying overtime, weekend and shift workers with food and drink options on your premises will increase productivity.

NatVend helps you to choose from a wide variety of vending machines tailored to suit your needs. You are given an option of selecting from a variety of stock, including healthy vending options. Plus, you can offer your staff customised products that cater to all cultural and dietary needs.


NatVend offers practical food solutions for work places and organisations which operate round the clock. Consumers in hospitals and other 24 hour sites found chips and chocolates were simply not enough to get through the late night shifts. This presented the next step in the provision of a full line vending service in food solutions.

NatVend has sourced an extensive list of packaged meals such as noodles, soups, pastas, cereals and other food items. These can be supplied by NatVend to the vending machine at your work for the staff who may be doing shift work or are working back late and don’t want to leave the building for time and safety purposes.

Healthy Vending:

At NatVend, we recognise the need for “better for you” products and at the same time provide you with the power of selection. Our customers can choose from a selection of healthy products which are unique to NatVend.

We have national supply arrangements with all the leading confectionery, snack and drink manufacturers. The products that we sell are supplied directly from the manufacturer. This means the provision of a “closed loop” product sourcing that sees products arrive to our valued consumers as fresh as possible.


These days, parents, governments and schools are becoming more concerned about the health of children. There is a push to encourage and improve range, availability and promotion of healthy snacks and drinks.

NatVend’s vending machines can be stocked with healthy products that meet the need of schools. And to promote and educate about eating choices, vending machines can be labelled with “Healthy captions/stickers” to motivate children to inculcate healthy eating habits. The machines can tastefully blend in with the school or college environment, and products can be customised to suit all age groups.

While keeping students & staff happy, the broad selection of products being offered results in greater revenue for the school or canteen operator. Plus there is no need to worry about empty machines as in-house staff can easily access the machine and refill fresh stocks.


We source from a range of different companies to offer gym owners the best opportunity to maximise revenue from each square metre of space. With our specialist service capability we can support your consumers with servicing in busy periods and ensure no opportunity is missed when it comes to refreshing a hard working gym member.

Our vending machines are capable of stocking all the favourite drinks that gyms sell through fridges behind the counter. Names such as Gatorade, Red Bull, Zing, Burn are just a few of the products that we are currently stocking for gym owners. Nutrition Bars & Healthy snacks that give instant energy are provided to accommodate requirements of the gym members.

Happy Vending:
Pubs & Clubs

It may not sound true but NatVend can help your pub and club in a number of ways:
Increase your revenue by supplying favourite snacks in vending machines. How?

  1. Did you know that 85% of customers won’t queue at the bar to buy anything but drinks? This means your customers will be happier accessing popular brands of salty snacks in vending machines. And a well-served customer will increase the revenue of your bar.
  2. Improve stock security and freshness with a reliable vending machine guaranteed to be regularly replenished.
    Most vending machines suppliers only provide products from a single manufacturer. This limits the choices available to you and your customers. NatVend is independent of manufacturers so you can offer your customers a wide range of well-known snacks and nibbles. We stock chips, nuts, crackers, confectionery and chocolates in our vending machines. You can also select from well-known brands of snacks to suit the customers who frequent your pub or club.

Napi Vending:

Is your organization female friendly?
NatVend provides feminine hygiene solutions and offers quality sanitary units to suit client’s needs. Our machines are available on a service contract including installation and a refilling service. We offer complete maintenance which gives you a complete peace of mind.
Advantages of Napivending

  • Immediate access to napkins anytime of the day to meet menstrual emergencies.
  • Convenience of purchasing the product independently.
  • Self dispensing of the napkin at the drop of coin.
  • Saves the embarrassment of seeking napkins in the peer group or from authorities.
  • Our machine can be catered to specifications of the sanitary napkins of any brand.
  • It can be solar operated, manufactured for areas with no power supply.
  • It is wall mountable, need less space and can be placed in toilets.